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Stapelstein Original Fresh Kids Building Blocks


Original Fresh


Come on, let's paint the world in the colours of the rainbow. With these colourful building blocks set, creativity is rediscovered. The bright colours and the simple design leave a lot of space for imagination.


Key features at a glance:

  • Promotes creativity, imagination, communication skills, balance, gross motor skills, body awareness and social skills. 
  • Is compatible with all Stapelstein® products
  • Safe stacking elements: no sharp corners or edges, water-, saliva- and UV-resistant
  • Stapelstein® Inside is made of eco-friendly EPP (expandable polypropylene)
  • Material: 100% recyclable, EPP - innovative, light material, free of propellants, plasticizers and completely without additives; water, saliva and bite resistant; heat and UV resistant.
  • Made in Germany.


    Whats Included: 3 building blocks in different colours for unlimited fun and creative play. 


    1x Stapelstein Pink
    1x Stapelstein Mint
    1x Stapelstein Violet


    Age recommendation: from 1 year.

    Dimensions: diameter 27 cm, height 12 cm

    Weight per building block: 180 g

    Maximum capacity per building block: 180 kg

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    Stapelstein Original Fresh Kids Building Blocks



    What age are children’s orthopaedic play mats suitable for? 

    Our soft sensory play mats can be used as a sensory tool when your little one is ready for tummy time. Your little ones will start to benefiting from the built in orthopaedic features from when they start negotiating their first steps right through to adult hood. You can start to introduce firm sensory play mats from around the age of 3.

    How many sensory play mats should I get?

    Our pre-made sets are available in 6 or 8 mat options. While most puzzle play mats can be purchased individually, we recommend a minimum of 6 sensory play mats, with 8 or more being ideal. This ensures a balanced mix of Soft and Firm mats, particularly important for children under 3 years (soft only). Having at least 6 mats provides versatility in colors, styles, and sensory options, promoting increased steps taken and enhancing potential health and developmental benefits.

    Can I buy additional sensory play mats to fit an existing set?

    All our mats are designed like a large puzzle play mat, interlocking seamlessly. Whether you add one sensory mat or ten, this feature allows for endless configurations, ensuring each day's setup is unique. Feel free to mix things up whenever you like!

    How should I store my mats?

    You should always clean your orthopaedic play mats following the FAQs before storage. When storing, always lay them flat, with the flatter ones at the bottom and any textured ones like Coast, Logs, Hedgehog or Twister on top to prevent deformation.


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    Muffik Orthopaedic Sensory Play Mat Set

    Easy to Clean

    Simply dust off, hoover with the nozzle, or rinse using lukewarm water. Job done!

    Non-Slip Structure

    Our children's orthopedic sensory play mats feature a compact, non-slip structure crafted from a hygienic material that is easy to wash and sanitise.

    Muffik Orthopaedic Sensory Play Mat Set


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