Happy Feet Play Mats

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Video showing Barefoot Stimulation benefits

Our Mission

Our mission is simple: we aim to find the best and most stimulating toys and products to support children's development, allowing all of our little ones to flourish. They'll become physically literate and able to successfully navigate the world around them.

Oh, and we mustn't forget, it MUST be FUN!

Award Winning Muffik Play Mats

These are not just mats; they're a step towards a healthier and happier development for your child.

JollyHeap Magnetic Blocks

A revolutionary addition to our collection that will take your child's imagination to new heights!

Stapelstein Blocks & Balance Boards


Balance, float, spin or stack – Stapelstein® allows children to stay active while unlocking new levels of creativity.

BareFoot Benefits

We’re passionate about the importance of building foot strength in our little ones. We believe it’s a step towards a healthier and happier development for your child. 

So don’t start your little ones off on the wrong foot. Join the BareFoot Movement.

Muscle Strength and Balance

Walking barefoot engages more muscles in the feet, ankles, and lower legs compared to wearing shoes. This can contribute to better muscle development and improved balance, which are crucial for proper motor skill development.

Sensory Stimulation

Walking barefoot allows a child to experience different textures, temperatures, and surfaces.

This sensory input helps develop their sense of touch and spatial awareness.

Foot Arch Development

Walking without shoes allows the foot's arches to naturally develop and strengthen. Arch support is important for maintaining proper foot alignment and distributing body weight effectively.


Proprioception refers to the body's ability to sense its position and movement in space. Walking barefoot enhances proprioception, which in turn improves coordination and body awareness.

Vestibular Stimulation

Walking on uneven surfaces or different textures stimulates the vestibular system, which helps with spatial orientation and balance. This stimulation is important for healthy sensory integration.

Connection to Nature

Walking barefoot outdoors (or on our Muffik play mats 😉) can provide a deeper connection to nature and the environment. Children can engage their senses and curiosity while exploring different natural surfaces.



Read what the experts had to say at The Good Toy Guide. Spoiler alert. It's awesome!

Double Winners
Double Winners

Double Winners

We were double winners at the BlogOn Awards for Bloggers Choice Award and 1st Place for Baby & Toddler Toys.

Voted Best Buy
Voted Best Buy

Voted Best Buy

We sent some of our play mats to The Independent, and they were voted No. 1 Best Sensory Toy for Babies and Toddlers.

Happy Feet & The NSPCC

We are absolutely delighted to be partnering with and supporting the NSPCC in the North East.

Our aim is to raise awareness about the charity, their crucial services, and the amazing work they do!

Tap the button below to find out more about our partnership and the incredible services they provide children across the UK and amazing work the NSPCC do.

Photography by Tom Hull. The children pictured are models.

How Did We Get Here?

Our Story

In 2020, Happy Feet Play Mats was born from our love for our two beautiful children, now aged 6 and 4. Parenthood ignited a passion for discovering the best toys and accessories to foster their development.

Our commitment to children's growth extends beyond our roles as parents. Marketa is a practicing Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist deeply invested in child development and myself, a former sports coach with extensive experience in Young Athlete Development, Fundamental Movement Skills, and Fundamental Sports Skills.

Our journey led us to Muffik play mats. What initially grabbed our attention were their aesthetics, but upon closer inspection, we uncovered the orthopaedic design's health and developmental benefits. These mats are crafted to promote healthy foot development, correct foot disorders, and enhance those crucial fine motor skills.

And, most importantly, they're FUN! 

The vibrant colors, unique patterns, and functional designs, coupled with endless combinations, ensure that our Chief Testing Officers (our two children) not only experience health benefits but also have a blast exploring the entire product lineup.

We hope you and your children get as much joy and benefit from our products as we do.


Anthony & Marketa x

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