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The Good Toy Guide

The Good Toy Guide

📰 We can proudly announce that our sensory mats have been successfully reviewed by experts at @thegoodtoyguide.

The Good Toy Guide Description: 

Happy Feet Play Mats are designed as orthopaedic play mats that as well as providing sensory stimulation, promote healthy foot development. 

From touch and sound to colour and smell, sensory input early in childhood lays the foundation to higher brain processing by enhancing connections in the brain. Sensory stimulation through walking barefoot on the mats can have an immediate impact on posture, balance, and gait.

The endless combinations, bright colours, unique patterns and functional designs of these mats mean that as well as seeing the health benefits, children also have great fun playing on them too. 

Due to the unique puzzle design of the mats, they can easily be attached to each other, just like a jigsaw. The edges are reinforced around the perimeter allowing a solid fastening during use.

Antibacterial additive prevents any bacteria proliferating the surface of the play mats.


“This product can be used for so many children and is great for children with additional needs.” – Teacher 

“I love the feel of it. It is hard and squishy in my toes!” – Boy aged 2 


These sensory play mats stimulate children’s natural curiosity and exploration skills, which is how they learn best about the world around them. The vibrant colours and different textures provide lots of sensory stimulation which helps to develop connections in the brain, allowing the growth of skills such as concentration and logical thinking. 

The design of the mats also make them accessible to children of different ages, as well as those with additional needs. This is because they are ideal for exploring with different parts of their body, e.g. by crawling over them, exploring with their mouth or stepping on with bare feet. It also makes a great resource for encouraging children to communicate as they enjoy describing the different sensations they can feel, which helps to build their vocabulary too. 


– Provides sensory stimulation and encourages children to explore

– Helps to develop vocabulary 

– Promotes concentration

Read and see the full review here.

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