JollyHeap Magnetic Blocks

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JollyHeap Magnetic Blocks

A revolutionary addition to our collection that will take your child's imagination to new heights!

JollyHeap are innovative soft magnetic blocks based on geometric shapes.

Jolly Heap

Immerse your child in the enchanting world of JollyHeap Magnetic Blocks, where creativity knows no bounds.

North Pole - South Pole

The magnets placed in the blocks alternate according to the polarisation ( + / – ), meaning JollyHeap are the only blocks in the world that can be connected for on all sides!

JollyHeap Creations

  JollyHeap Magnetic Blocks

Elliot Elephant - 100 Blocks

  JollyHeap Magnetic Blocks

Treasure Island - 1300 Blocks

  JollyHeap Magnetic Blocks

J2H2 Droid - 100 Blocks

  JollyHeap Magnetic Blocks

Olly Bear - 400 Blocks

  JollyHeap Magnetic Blocks

Medium Set - 50 Blocks

  JollyHeap Magnetic Blocks

Sea World - 700 Blocks

  JollyHeap Magnetic Blocks

Classic Car - 500 Blocks

  JollyHeap Magnetic Blocks

Secret Cottage - 250 Blocks

Shelly Turtle - 100 Blocks

  JollyHeap Magnetic Blocks

Lilly Dog - 150 Blocks

  JollyHeap Magnetic Blocks

HMS Happy Feet - 1100 Blocks

  JollyHeap Magnetic Blocks

Magic Villiage - 900 Blocks

  JollyHeap Magnetic Blocks

Tanker - 800 Blocks

  JollyHeap Magnetic Blocks

Tanker - 800 Blocks

  JollyHeap Magnetic Blocks

Jenny Giraffe - 150 Blocks

  JollyHeap Magnetic Blocks

Little House - 150 Blocks

  JollyHeap Magnetic Blocks

Basic Set - 100 Blocks

  JollyHeap Classic Collection

Simba the Lion - 400 Blocks

  JollyHeap Magnetic Blocks

Dino Dinosaur - 300 Blocks

Spider - 100 Blocks

  JollyHeap Magnetic Blocks

Ricko Dog - 100 Blocks

  JollyHeap Magnetic Blocks

Big Shelly Turtle - 450 Blocks

  JollyHeap Magnetic Blocks

Meadow - 650 Blocks

  JollyHeap Magnetic Blocks

Molly Octopus - 600 Blocks

  JollyHeap Magnetic Blocks


Made of a soft material, that doesn’t make any noise. The only noise from the fun – is the children’s laugh!

  JollyHeap Magnetic Blocks


Our blocks are made of a durable and safe material. JollyHeap will be interesting for children of all ages and their parents.

  JollyHeap Magnetic Blocks


JollyHeap blocks can’t cause any harm to children, because they are soft and don’t have sharp edges.

  JollyHeap Magnetic Blocks


Comfortable attraction, easy connection, stability of the constructed structures.

  JollyHeap Magnetic Blocks


All components of the product are soft, pleasant, comfortable and big enough to grip.

  JollyHeap Magnetic Blocks


A variety of structures: houses, cars, towers, furniture, etc. Build your dream!

JollyHeap Blocks & The STEAM Approach


Supporting learning about magnetic properties: Children can experiment with how different blocks interact, attracting or repelling each other.

Understanding the basics of magnetic phenomena:

Playing with these blocks can help children understand why the blocks attract or repel each other.


Manipulating JollyHeap® blocks involves interacting with the material, which can develop manipulation skills and technological thinking

Utilising magnetic properties introduces children to the world of magnetic technology and its real-world applications.


Building structures engages children in design and creation, fostering engineering skills and problem-solving abilities.

Creating durable and stable structures requires analysis, planning, trial, and error - crucial engineering aspects.


The blocks can inspire a creative and artistic approach to construction, merging art with science and technology.

Children can create aesthetically pleasing and visually attractive structures, enhancing their imagination and artistic abilities.


Sorting blocks by shape, colour and size develops classification and organization skills related to mathematics.

Constructing structures involves geometric concepts like length, width, and height, fostering mathematical skills.

JollyHeap® Blocks In The Montessori Approach

JollyHeap® blocks can be a great addition to the Montessori method, which emphasises independent exploration, learning through action and developing sensory and cognitive skills in children. Here are a few ways these blocks can be used within the Montessori context:

Developing language skills:

During play, you can describe what children are creating, tell stories related to their constructions, enhancing their language skills.

It's important to allow children to explore and discover the blocks at their own pace, without excessive intervention.

Learning shapes and colors:

Sorting blocks by shapes and colors enhances recognition and organization skills.

Building structures: Encourage children to experiment, discover different ways to connect elements, and create simple and complex structures.

Developing motor skills:

By manipulating soft blocks, children improve their motor skills and coordination.

Creative play and imagination:

Let children use blocks to build their own stories and scenes, promoting imagination, creativity, and language development.

Cooperation and communication:

Encourage children to collaborate in building larger structures, fostering teamwork, communication and problem-solving skills.

Thematic play:

Introduce themes such as building a town, zoo, or space station, and encourage children to create structures related to a theme.

Exploring magnetic properties: Show how different blocks attract or repel and let children experiment.

Four Shapes Available

  JollyHeap Magnetic Blocks


  JollyHeap Magnetic Blocks


  JollyHeap Magnetic Blocks


  JollyHeap Magnetic Blocks

  JollyHeap Magnetic Blocks

Truncated Cube

  JollyHeap Magnetic Blocks



  JollyHeap Magnetic Blocks

Fabric 100% Polyester

  JollyHeap Magnetic Blocks

Polyurethane Foam

  JollyHeap Magnetic Blocks

Neodymium Magnets

JollyHeap Lion

Imagination Time

There are no limits to what you and your little ones can create with JollyHeap. Whether they're into den building or dreaming of a safari adventure, all you have to do is start building!

And Relax...

With JollyHeap blocks you can settle down for movie night or story time in your very own throne, sofa or bed. You could even have all 3 with a quick reshuffle. The choice is yours.


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