Stapelstein: Elevate Play with Health, Development, and Imagination

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Kids having fun on Stapelstein Blocks and Balance Boards

Stapelstein Blocks & Balance Boards


Stapelstein Stepping Stones


Beautifully designed, functional from the ground up.

Explore the European sensation - Stapelstein Blocks and Balance Boards. Designed for beauty and packed with health and developmental benefits, these products spark imagination and open-world play in your little ones. Stapelstein's mantra, 'Move. Play. Create.,' is captivating minds across Europe. Join the movement with these beautifully crafted essentials for your child's holistic growth.

Baby Playing with Stapelstein Blocks stepping stones

Discover the power of play.

Balance, float, spin or stack – Stapelstein® allows children to stay active while unlocking new levels of creativity. Our vibrant and aesthetically pleasing elements possess a remarkable ability to transform any room into an adventure playground, an obstacle course, or a fantasy world. Watch in awe as your children imagine, create and explore their potential.

Play Ideas



Build a balance trail with Stapelstein® Originals. Turn them round side down for a trickier trail. Make a course over the lava floor, imagine stepping stones over a brook, or try to balance their favorite race car on top. Use the Stapelstein® Board to find your balance or combine one with Originals to create a dynamic rocking chair.


Build life-sized wonderlands with Stapelstein® Originals. Our exclusive wavy bottom edge allows for several play options. Stack the elements to create a stable pillar, or stagger the elements wave side up to create a wobble tower. Match two together to create a Stapelstein® sandwich to hide treasures in or balance on top of your stack.



All of our products are waterproof and extremely buoyant in water thanks to its innovative EPP material and lightweight design. Float them on the water’s surface, fill with water and splash away, or use as a fun vessel to water your garden. Please note: Our products are not intended to serve as buoyancy aids.



Organize Stapelstein® Originals and stack by color palette (primary, secondary, pastels) or use each element as a bowl to collect items and create color groupings. Invite your child to help organize household items alongside you: Legos, kitchen ingredients, even tiny socks on laundry day! FUNctional playtime.

Child Drawing with Chalk on Stapelstein Block


There are no limits or restrictions on what Stapelstein® can do! Children and adults can use elements to create an endless amount of games or activities. Assign each color a move and choreograph new dances based on the elements you choose. Assign an animal to each element for a game of charades or assign each a number for a colorful take on math practice. Doodle with chalk (fully washable!) or use as running bases for backyard baseball. Imagine and innovate!

What are Stapelstein Blocks & Balance Boards Made From?

Blocks & Balance Boards are constructed from 100% recyclable, EPP - innovative, light material, free of propellants, plasticisers and completely without additives; water, saliva and bite resistant; heat and UV resistant.

Stapelstein Stepping Stone

Commitment to sustainability and safety.

Stapelstein® is made in Germany with care and cutting-edge design that guarantees quality and safety. Our patented technology and innovative material allows for a non-toxic, durable, stable and safe playtime. Our climate-neutralised manufacturing keeps our planet safe, too


Diameter 27 cm, height 12 cm. Weight per block: 180g. Maximum capacity per block: 180 kg

By humans, for humans.

By humans, for humans.

Stapelstein® began as a university project. In the same spirit of learning, we continue to explore our insatiable curiosity around childhood activity and wellness. Filling the gap between childhood and movement, Stapelstein® integrates active play into daily life with ease, fun and inclusivity.