Who are Muffik sensory play mats for?

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Who are Muffik sensory play mats for?

Who are Muffik sensory play mats for?

With a firm root in physiotherapy, our sensory play mats benefit more than just young children.

Sensory play mats are becoming increasingly popular in the UK thanks to their ability to aid muscles and joint development, boost cognitive development and correct and prevent common foot conditions.

So who can benefit from this powerful yet relatively unknown technology?

The answer is, the entire family! From babies during tummy time through to first steps. Sensory play mats promote healthy and strong feet development as well as barefoot stimulation.

These mats are amazing sensory, development and learning tools for nurseries, schools, special needs schools, baby classes and toddler clubs. Read on to find out why!


Our sensory play mats are primarily designed for young children who are in the early stages of their development. The ages of 1-3 are an incredibly important time for the development of a child’s motor functions, muscles, joints and cognitive functions.


Sensory play is known to promote these important parts of early development but few households bring barefoot stimulation into the mix.

Our sensory play mats are designed in conjunction with orthapaedic experts and physiotherapists, drawing on science to create play mat tiles that target specific areas and certain conditions.

Some help build planar muscles in the feet, others promote good posture. In addition, we have tiles that prevent and help correct conditions like flat feet, knock, knee, club foot and other common ailments.

Children with sensory disorders, motor disabilities and autism spectrum disorder

We’ve been absolutely blown away by some of the feedback from parents of children that have ben able to make physio time fun and engaging thanks to our sensory play mats. They are a powerful tool for cerebral palsy, sensory disorders and autism.

The varying textures enhance physio exercises for children and adults with cerebral palsy, helping improve coordination and motor skills.

Those with autism can benefit from the mats’ ability to stimulate the brain, create neural pathways and improve sensory processing systems. It can also help neurodiverse children calm down if they are agitated.

Adults and older children can benefit too

Remember that sensory mats were first used to treat adult patients, including the likes of athletes, people suffering from injuries and pregnant women.

Try stepping on your child’s mat after a run to relieve tension in the feet and legs and keep your joints and muscles in healthy condition. They may also help you fix your posture, improve your balance and ease pain, especially in the back, hip and legs.

The sensory and interactive nature of the mats also help promote child-parent interaction. So be sure to join your child on the play mat and get involved.


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