Soft play mats | Happy Feet | What are you waiting for?

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Soft play mats | Happy Feet | What are you waiting for?

Soft play mats | Happy Feet | What are you waiting for?

Soft Play Mats are Important!


Soft play mats are here to stay! Nothing makes playing more fun for children than having soft and comfy play mats to play on! Alongside the soft play mat’s bright and interesting colours and shapes. The softness of the play mat will make playtime ever more entertaining and comfortable for your young ones to play on!


Here at Happy Feet, we specialise in soft play mats with various fun and interesting textures that will increase and improve your child’s mental development. This can be achieved by the soft mat’s ability to encourage and promote certain brain activity, such as problem solving, as these soft play mats can includes different textures and games that will exercise problem solving skills.


Happy Feet have discussed and been advised by scientists with the development of their soft play mats and other items. These scientists have an extensive knowledge around children’s cognitive ability and what items and toys would benefit and improve a child’s brain activity. It is hoped that with a professional scientist’s input that Happy Feet’s products will boast quality, which will create trust with their loyal customers.


So how exactly will improved cognitive ability help both you and your child? Well, let’s look at it this way. The more a child problem solves by themselves, the more this exercises their problem solving still which they can then unconsciously transfer to other aspects of life that include problem solving, such as climbing obstacles or even academic problem solving like maths and reading. In other words, one can imagine how adults nowadays download brain stimulating apps on their phones to improve their own brain activity and mental skills. Just like these apps, soft play mats can improve other aspects of the brain, such as improving one’s memory. With more intense brain training, the brain will often exercise all others parts of the brain. Memory skills are vital to children who are just about to start primary school, which can be very overwhelming to a lot of children if these skills are not encouraged before hand.


So what are you waiting for? Invest in a soft play mat today!


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