Sensory playroom furniture to aid your child’s development

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Sensory playroom furniture to aid your child’s development

Sensory playroom furniture to aid your child’s development

Welcome to the Happy Feet Play Mats blog, the first company in the UK to source and distribute orthopaedic sensory play mats.


Read on to learn what sensory plays mats are, how they promote healthy development and the science behind the mats.

What is a sensory play mat?

Sensory play mats are a type of playroom furniture. Different from your usual play mat, they boast a range of different textures that are designed to stimulate the bottom of the foot - one of the most sensitive parts of the body.

Evidence suggests that the stimulation of the barefeet in children can radically improve physical and cognitive development. More on the science later!

We take nature as our inspiration for our playroom furniture. We believe it is vital for kids to experience the textures of the ground that nature intended for us. From twigs to pebbles, we recreate the surfaces found in the great outdoors.
How does your playroom furniture promote healthy development?

Our feet aren’t designed to be laced up in a shoe all day. Moving from concrete to carpet, to wooden floors. The lack of variation means our feet aren’t given the stimulation they need to develop correctly.

It’s no wonder that conditions such as flat feet and bowed legs are still common conditions amongst children.

Our playroom furniture is designed with orthopedic experts to improve balance, posture and gait. It helps correct common foot conditions and prevent them from arising.

Where did the idea come from?

Sensory mats are a common feature in medical centres across the world as physiotherapists and sports therapists use them to treat common sport-inflicted injuries. Happy Feet founders Marketa and Anthony first came across sensory mats while working as a physiotherapist and a golf coach.

They were surprised that more people were not aware of the innovative technology so they made it their mission to bring products of the same standard seen in their professional lives into young families’ homes.

What products do you have on offer?

We have a large selection of different textures and colours. All of our mats can be fit together like a jigsaw so you can pick and choose to create your perfect playroom furniture.

Our range of mats are broadly categorised into soft and hard. Within each category are various different textures, including moss, twigs, pebbles, spikes and grass - just to name a few.

All of our mats have a different purpose in mind, from improving posture to developing healthy muscles. Have a look at our range of products to find the right combination for you and your family.

Keen to learn more? Drop us an email and we’d love to hear from you.

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