Sensory Play Mats to support your child’s development | Happy Feet Play Mats | Sensory Mats

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Sensory Play Mats to support your child’s development | Happy Feet Play Mats | Sensory Mats

Sensory Play Mats to support your child’s development | Happy Feet Play Mats | Sensory Mats

Searching for Sensory Mats for children? Welcome to Happy Feet Play Mats, the UK’s leading provider of orthopaedic Sensory Play Mats. At Happy Feet we pride ourselves on our science-led approach, as we endeavour to bring awareness to the advantages of barefoot stimulation to parents across the globe.

Within early years orthopaedics, it is a well-known fact that the bottom of the foot is one of the most sensitive parts of the body, and it is this sensitivity that has become the foundation of our Sensory Mats. Focusing on both physical and cognitive development, the unique Muffik combination of medical research and first-hand experience is bringing out the best in children everywhere. In today’s blog, we’ll be discussing the history of barefoot stimulation, the Muffik design, the fantastic health benefits as well as why Muffik Play Mats should be your number one choice for Sensory Mats.

  • The history of barefoot stimulation

  • The Happy Feet design

  • The benefits of barefoot stimulation

  • Why choose Muffik?

The history of barefoot stimulation

Historically, the interaction between feet and the earth’s natural textures/surfaces has long been proven to contribute to healthy bones and joints. So much so, that we at Happy Feet have designed and developed Sensory Mats that incorporate both orthopaedic knowledge and natural fact. More specifically, our Sensory Mats successfully combine fun and functionality, where the natural textures available throughout our mats operate as interactive orthopaedic tools which work to enhance your child’s educational journey.

The Muffik design

At Muffik, we have made it our mission to forge new and exciting educational pathways for families with young children. As we attempt to make learning fun again, our puzzle piece designs are available in a variety of colours, shapes and patterns so that your child has endless opportunities to express themselves. Easy to construct and even easier to use, piecing together your unique Sensory Mats puzzle piece by piece is as simple as it sounds. Moving beyond aesthetics, the ground-breaking technology at the core of the Happy Feet Sensory Mats, incorporates textual variation, functionality and rigidity in order for your child to develop their mind and body. In fact, through continued play mat use, many of our customers have seen fantastic improvements in their child’s overall wellbeing.

The benefits of barefoot stimulation

When using our Sensory Mats, children will see improvements within their posture, concentration and core strength. Additionally, their general foot health and fine motor skill development will benefit significantly, while the prevention (and even correction) of foot disorders has been noted with prolonged use of our products.

Why choose Happy Feet Play Mats

As a family-run business, we know that securing a safe learning environment is of the utmost importance, so that your child can learn and develop without risk. In order to ensure the safety and effectiveness of our Happy Feet Sensory Mats, we made sure to consult with orthopaedic experts throughout the design process. The innovative technology that we have cultivated over years of research, has allowed us to incorporate the benefits of barefoot stimulation into fun and interactive Sensory Mats.

At Happy Feet Play Mats, we are committed to re-shaping the world of children’s orthopaedics one puzzle piece at a time. Fun and interactive but most importantly medically-researched, our Sensory Mats are built by professionals but made with your child in mind.

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