Puzzle Play mats | Happy Feet | Sensory play mats

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Puzzle Play mats | Happy Feet | Sensory play mats

Puzzle Play mats | Happy Feet | Sensory play mats


Searching for puzzle play mats?

Happy Feet Play Mats are leading the evolution of early years orthopaedic practice, as their Puzzle Play mats take the industry to new, and more colourful, heights.

Attracting a global audience, this family-run business combines first-hand knowledge with medically developed research, in order to re-brand children’s orthopaedic tools into fun, interactive and family-friendly products that develop your child’s body and mind.


Better yet, you can join your child in their developmental journey, as our Puzzle Play mats allow for you and your child to create your own unique story.


As you choose one of our themed sets or build your own puzzle, our endless colour and pattern combinations allow for your child to carve out their own personality within their learning. Additionally, this ground-breaking technology also moves beyond aesthetics, integrating rigidity, functionality and textural variation in order to create quality tools for both physical and cognitive development through barefoot stimulation.


Furthermore, the sturdy design paired with the antibacterial properties of the Puzzle Play mats, make sure that your child is safe in their learning environment so that their excitement can flourish without cause for concern. Overall, at Happy Feet Play Mats we know and appreciate that every child is unique, and we want to celebrate their individual personalities and stories through our Puzzle Play mats.


Puzzle play mats | Sensory stimulation | Happy Feet


The bottom of the foot is one of the most sensitive parts of the body, and so it makes perfect sense that the physical and cognitive development of children can be tied to the Sensory stimulation of the foot. Historically, it was feet coming into contact with the different surfaces and textures in which nature had to offer that subsequently contributed to healthy bones and joints.


However, at Happy Feet Play Mats we saw the potential in developing natural facts with medical research and first-hand personal experience.


More specifically, our themed play mat sets and custom puzzle piece designs recreate these said natural textures, where they act as interactive tools for children to engage with during their key formative years. In fact, after consulting with orthopaedic experts, we have been able to provide customers with a system which is entirely built around the benefits of Sensory stimulation.


More explicitly, this system has been proven to improve the core strength, posture and concentration of many children worldwide. Additionally, the play mats feature orthopaedic-centred designs, promoting healthy foot and fine motor skills development while preventing and (in several cases) correcting foot disorders.


Most importantly, at Happy Feet Play Mats, we want to remind families that learning can be fun! As our play mats heal and develop through Sensory stimulation, our goal is to make this journey an exciting and therapeutic experience.


For more information about out Puzzle play mats, our products or to get in touch head to: https://www.happyfeetplaymats.co.uk/.