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Puzzle play mats | Happy Feet | Buy from the best

Puzzle play mats | Happy Feet | Buy from the best

On the hunt for Puzzle play mats from a leading family provider? At Happy Feet Play Mats, our goal is to combine early years orthopedic practice with the interactive learning environment in which children thrive.

The colourful and exciting developmental opportunities provided by our signature puzzle play mats, have exposed an international audience to the benefits of introducing barefoot stimulation into a child’s learning environment.


How does the technology work? Puzzle play mats  

Built from a foundation of medically developed research and first-hand experience, this ground-breaking technology incorporates textual variation, rigidity and functionality in order to forge innovative and quality tools for both physical and cognitive development.

 Better yet, our puzzle play mats allow for your child’s orthopedic journey to be a collaborative one, where these family-friendly products are able to piece your unique story together one puzzle piece at a time.

Whether it be one of our themed sets, or a puzzle created out of our individually crafted squares, your child can use the impressive range of different colours and patterns available within our puzzle play mats to showcase their own personality.


More importantly, our products encourage safe exploration and education, where the antibacterial properties and sturdy design of our puzzle play mats ensure that your child has room to grow and be excited to do so.

Overall, at Happy Feet Play Mats we prioritise development, but we also believe that learning has to be fun for it to be successful.

Child development through playmats | Happy Feet

 Happy Feet Play Mats are a family-run business, who understand the importance of a child’s formative years in their learning process. With one of the most sensitive parts of the body being the bottom of the foot, we discovered that child development through play mats could indeed be connected to further physical and cognitive development overall.

More specifically, barefoot sensory stimulation has a long history of being beneficial, as the natural surfaces and textures in which the feet came into contact have been proven to significantly contribute to healthy bones and joints.


Additional benefits | Puzzle play mats

From here, we at Happy Feet Play Mats saw the potential in combining nature’s secrets with medical research, where the natural textures of our puzzle piece designs are able to successfully aid in child development through playmats.


Accepted internationally by

experts as important interactive tools for child development, many of our customers have seen great improvements in their child’s posture, core strength and concentration.


Additionally, our orthopedic-focused designs promote general foot health, with evidence of the prevention (and even correction) of foot disorders and the continued development of fine motor skills.


At Happy Feet Play Mats we want to provide families with a new avenue for child development through playmats. Where barefoot stimulation becomes an exciting and colourful learning experience for all.


For more information about us head to https://www.happyfeetplaymats.co.uk/