Playroom furniture for building healthy joints and muscles

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 Muffik Orthopaedic Sensory Play Mats

Playroom furniture for building healthy joints and muscles

Are you looking for playroom furniture that can help with you child’s development?

Happy Feet Play Mats is the first company to bring sensory play mats to the UK, so parents and children can benefit from tools that are used by physiotherapists across the world.


Today we will answer a few common questions:

What is a sensory play mat?

How do they aid cognitive and motor development?

Who are the people behind Happy Feet Play Mats?

What can I buy?


What is a sensory play mat?

Our sensory play mats aren’t your average playroom furniture.

They are designed to simulate the textures found in nature, with a combination of soft and firm tiles, to aid in your child’s cognitive and motor development.

The combination of different textures have been proven to improve posture, strengthen muscles and improve coordination skills.


How do they aid cognitive and motor development?

Good question. Sensory mats are tools that are used by physiotherapists, occupational therapists and healthcare professionals in medical centres across the world to help patients and athletes recover from a range of ailments.

The stimulation of the bare feet can correct conditions such as flat feet, knock knee and bow legs.

Sensory play mat can also help improve cognitive function. The sensory stimulation of our mats is a great way to boost concentration when you are engaging in learning activities with your children. When kids are asked to sit on the floor and listen, they will be quick to switch off. But, with the help of sensory stimulation, you will find that you can keep your child’s attention for longer.

You can use our tiles simply as play mats or create 3D playroom furniture to make playtime a little more fun.


Who are the people behind Happy Feet Play Mats?

Happy Feet Play Mats was founded by couple and parents of two, Marketa Klemmova and Anthony Miley. The pair both had successful careers in professional sport before turning their attention to physiotherapy and training the new generation of athletes.

While working as a physiotherapists, Marketa saw sensory play mats being used across the world in healthcare settings but was surprised that the technology wasn’t available for the average household.

The couple immediately saw the potential to bring sensory play mats to the UK and thus Happy Feet Play Mats was born.

What can I buy?

There’s plenty to choose from here at Happy Feet Play Mats. We have a range of Mats with different colours and textures so you can create your own unique playroom furniture.

Here are just two of the mats we offer:


Twister £14.95

Time for some imagination. Encourage the idea of feeling like you’re children are on the waves? Or even better, like you’re in a whirlwind? 

You can connect four twister mats together creating a full tornado. Imagination and creativity are the name of the game here along with some real world health and development benefits.

Grass £11.95

Not everyone has the opportunity to go out to the garden, take off their shoes and enjoy the soft touch of the grass. Now you can pamper your feet in the comfort of your home.

Grass is available in both Soft and Firm to accommodate all needs. 


Interested in finding out more? Get in touch today or browse our range of playroom furniture.


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