How sensory play mats promote healthy foot development

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How sensory play mats promote healthy foot development

How sensory play mats promote healthy foot development

Welcome to Happy Feet Play Mats, the UK’s first and only provider of sensory play mats.


In this blog post, we’re going to answer a few common questions about the benefits of sensory play mats and barefoot stimulation.


- How do sensory play mats work?

- What can you use sensory play mats for?

- What can I buy?


How do sensory play mats work?



Sensory mats are a mainstay in medical institutions across the world. They are used predominantly by physiotherapists to treat patients with a wide range of health conditions and injuries.


With backgrounds in professional sport and therapy, Happy Feet Play Mat founders, Marketa Klemmova and Anthony Miley saw the potential for bringing this technology into the home.


The play mats are designed to replicate the textures you find in the outdoors, including flowers, twigs, pebbles and moss to help promote healthy foot development and strengthens muscles and joints in the feet and legs.


The stimulation of the bare feet has been scientifically proven to improve motor function, promote healthy foot development and boost concentration as well.


What can you use sensory play mats for?


Our range of tiles have been designed in consultation with orthopaedic experts to help correct and prevent development issues like flat feet and knock knee as well as provide an amazing tool for conditions such as cerebral palsy, sensory disorders and autism.


The effects of sensory play mats on concentration makes them a great tool for learning and homeschooling as well. Research shows that bringing sensory elements into the classroom can boost concentration.


Sensory play mats aren’t just for kids. Adults can also benefit. The massaging qualities of the tiles can help reduce swelling and tiredness in the feet and legs.


They can also be incorporated into your warm-up and cool-down routines to prevent injuries.


What can I buy?



We offer a range of tiles with specific functions to help improve your child’s development. Our tiles can be placed on the floor or constructed into sensory playroom furniture to make playtime more creative.


We separate our sensory play mat tiles into two main categories: firm tiles and soft tiles.


Firm play mat tiles


Our range of firm tiles include Moss, Acorn, Grass and Turtle.


Acorn, for example, simulates the feeling of walking in the forest. The firm shapes are specifically designed to aid in the correction of flat feet. By strengthens the muscles within the foot, it also helps prevent the condition.


Soft play mats


Our soft play mats, including pine cones, spikes, pebbles and flowers.


Spikes features hundreds of small, soft ‘spikes’ which helps to remove the load from painful areas of the feet and ease leg fatigue.


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