Happy Feet Play Mats: Bringing innovative sensory play mats to the UK

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Happy Feet Play Mats: Bringing innovative sensory play mats to the UK

Happy Feet Play Mats: Bringing innovative sensory play mats to the UK

Happy Feet Play Mats is the first company to bring sensory play mats to the UK, but what are they and why are they becoming increasingly popular amongst young families across the country?


In this blog post we’ll be talking about:


● The benefits of sensory play mats

● Why sensory play mats are growing in popularity

● What makes Happy Feet Play Mats different

● What products are available to buy?


The benefits of sensory play mats


Sensory play mats are an excellent tool for improving your child’s joint and muscle health. The diverse range of different textures are designed to aid the healthy development of children’s joints and muscles.


A growing body of scientific research is revealing the various benefits of barefoot stimulation for boosting both muscle and joint strength as well as cognitive function.


Stimulating the feet helps strengthen your child’s legs and feet, improves posture and balance, and develops core strength. Sensory stimulation has also been found to reduce the risk of developing common conditions like flat feet and knock knee.


Parents also find that their children are able to concentrate for longer periods when engaged in an activity on the mat. Science has shown that stimulating the bottom of the foot can be an excellent way to keep the mind active and alert.


Why sensory play mats are growing in popularity


Sensory play mats have been a popular tool in medical facilities across the globe for many years. Physiotherapists regularly use these mats to help athletes recover from injuries.


In recent years, sensory mats have been growing in popularity in mainland Europe as an increasing number of parents are looking for new and innovative ways to support the healthy development of their children.


Having worked as professional athletes and physiotherapists prior to launching the company, co-founders Marketa and Anthony were familiar with the technology in their professional lives but were surprised to find that sensory mats were not being utilised in people’s homes in the UK.


What makes Happy Feet Play Mats different


As the first company in the UK to design and produce sensory play mats, Happy Feet is unique. We’re bringing this amazing technology that was previously only available to medical professionals into families’ play rooms across the country.


Inspired by nature, our mats replicate the textures of the natural world. We’re taking children back to a time when they would explore the world barefoot, experiencing the world around them. Now, we spend much of our time walking on concrete, pavement, wooden floors and tiles.


Moving from flat surface to flat surface in shoes that often constrict our movement, we rarely stimulate the bottom of our feet. For children, this can be detrimental to their development.


What products are available to buy?


We have so many great products on offer. All our mats can be fitted together like a jigsaw so you can create the perfect mat for you and your child.


Our tiles can broadly be split into two categories: Soft and firm. Having been designed in consultation with orthopaedic experts, all of our mats serve specific functions. Whether that be to improve posture and coordination, or to correct a condition like bowed legs.


Want to find out more about our mats? Explore our range of products here or drop us an email at hello@happyfeetplaymats.co.uk

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 If you would like any more information please drop us an email hello@happyfeetplaymats.co.uk we'd love to hear from you.

Anth & Marketa