Helping your child to find their feet with orthopaedic Children’s play mats | Happy Feet Play Mats

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Helping your child to find their feet with orthopaedic Children’s play mats | Happy Feet Play Mats

Helping your child to find their feet with orthopaedic Children’s play mats | Happy Feet Play Mats

Searching for new and exciting ways to encourage your child’s development? Well at Happy Feet Play Mats, our unique Childrens play mats have attracted a global audience with their impressive cognitive and physical benefits. As the UK’s leading provider of orthopaedic Children's play mats, the Muffik brand focuses on early years education and wellbeing through the medium of barefoot stimulation. Through our unique combination of medical research and personal experience, we are ensuring that your child is able to grow into the best version of themselves. In today’s blog, we’ll be discussing the effectiveness and advantages of barefoot stimulation, what the signature Muffik design is and why Muffik Sensory Play Mats should be your first port of call for Children's play mats.

  • The effectiveness of barefoot stimulation

  • The advantages of barefoot stimulation

  • The signature Happy Feet design

  • Why choose Happy Feet Play Mats?

The effectiveness of barefoot stimulation

 A kid walking on a natural Muffik sensory play mat set

Within orthopaedic practice, it is a well known fact that the bottom of the foot is one of the most sensitive parts of the body, and it is this sensitivity that has become central to the construction of our Childrens play mats. Historically, the interaction between feet and the earth’s natural textures/surfaces has been proven to contribute to healthy bones and joints, while its connection to mental wellbeing (in addition to physical) has been noted throughout history. We at Happy Feet have developed Childrens play mats that combine both orthopaedic research and natural fact. More explicitly, our unique play mat design creates an exciting and educational learning experience, where the natural textures available throughout our mats operate as interactive orthopaedic tools which work to enhance your child’s educational journey.

The advantages of barefoot stimulation

 A kid playing in a room, walking on colorful rainbow Muffik play mats with a chair placed in the corner

When using our Childrens play mats, families from around the world have seen fantastic improvements in their child’s development. Many have seen a positive difference in their posture, concentration and core strength. Additionally, general foot health and fine motor skill development has benefited significantly, while the prevention (and even correction) of foot disorders has been noted with prolonged use of our products.

The signature Muffik design

While the focus at Happy Feet is on physical development, we also make sure that our Childrens play mats provide the opportunity for kids to express themselves openly. As we attempt to make learning as enjoyable as possible, our unique puzzle piece designs are available in a variety of patterns, colours and shapes so that there's something for every child to enjoy. An easy-to-construct orthopaedic tool paired with ground-breaking technological research, has resulted in a design that incorporates rigidity, functionality and textual variation in order for your child to develop both cognitively and physically.

Why choose Happy Feet Play Mats?

At Happy Feet Play Mats, we want children to enjoy their learning experience. As they carve out their own journeys in life, our Childrens play mats will be there during their formative years, supporting them throughout this crucial stage of development. With a commitment to providing safe and secure learning opportunities, our Childrens play mats are fun, interactive but most importantly medically-researched and expert approved. While your child finds their feet, our Happy Feet team will be building their confidence one puzzle piece at a time.

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