Haven't heard of Vestibular Stimulation? You should!

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Haven't heard of Vestibular Stimulation? You should!

Haven't heard of Vestibular Stimulation? You should!

We had lots of questions about Vestibular Stimulation from our last instalment of everyday is a school day campaign. It is probably one of the most important parts of your Childs development you've never heard of.

In this instalment of Everyday is a School Day we will look at what is vestibular stimulation, what is the vestibular system, why these are crucial for our little ones development and which sets and mats are great to help develop this.

What is the Vestibular System?

In summary, the vestibular system is a critical sensory system located in the inner ear that helps us maintain balance, stability, and spatial orientation by detecting changes in head position and movement.

Stimulating The Vestibular Stimulation?

Walking on uneven surfaces or different textures stimulates the vestibular system, which helps with spatial orientation and balance. This stimulation is important for healthy sensory integration.


Why is it Important?

The vestibular system works in conjunction with other sensory systems, such as vision and proprioception (sensory input from muscles and joints), to help our little ones maintain balance and posture. When the system detects a change in head position or movement, it sends signals to the muscles to adjust accordingly.

A well developed vestibular system can make sure our little ones don't miss steps down stairs, don't trip up curbs, can negotiate balance beams and can become experts in fundamentals movement skills like running, hopping, skipping and jumping.

When looking for a set to help develop your little ones vestibular system look out for set such as Huge 2 and The Royal. Both of these sets include domed or raised mats like Twister, Hedgehog (always a crowd pleaser), Coast and logs which are exactly the types of uneven surfaces they need to help balance and stability.


The amazing design of stapelstein lends itself to almost anything you want your little ones to develop. Their sets that include the stepping stones and balance boards are amazing for challenging our little ones to develop their vestibular system. All are also individually available including the beautiful Confetti Balance Board. (Stapelstein pictured below)

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If you need any more information or you have any questions please don't hesitate to get in touch by dropping us an email at the following address: hello@happyfeetplaymats.co.uk

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