3 ways to incorporate sensory mats into your day

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3 ways to incorporate sensory mats into your day

3 ways to incorporate sensory mats into your day

Whether you’re age one, 100, or somewhere in between, everybody deserves to have happy and healthy feet. Just because you get older doesn’t mean you need to stop caring about improving your sensory stimulation. 

Sensory mats are designed and supported by orthopaedic experts to improve all-around health and have also been known to strengthen the immune system, improve blood circulation and sustain an improved mood for longer!

Even just a few seconds of barefoot stimulation each day can have an immediate positive impact on posture and balance.

Here are three ways you can integrate sensory mats into your day:  

Use while sitting…

You don’t need to be up on your feet for them to reap the benefits of using a sensory mat. Whether you’re sitting down to work, eating dinner or even on the sofa after a long day you can still get the same results and experience.

Every day we rely on our feet to get us from one place to another and most of us don’t think anything more of it. The truth is, the average Brit takes between 3000 and 4000 steps a day. That’s well over one million steps per year!

So, why not treat yourself to a sensory mat foot massage by placing 2-4 mat pieces under your feet. Foot massages using a sensory mat are not only calming and relaxing but also reduce pain and swelling in the legs, prevent and correct flat feet and relieve tensions.  

Use during a workout…

Another great way to relieve tension and keep your joints healthy is to use sensory mats during low-impact exercises such as yoga or pilates. These low-level exercises aim to improve mobility, balance and posture which can also be achieved by improving sensory stimulation through the feet.

Even physio and sports therapists use sensory mats to treat their patients and these mats have been developed to bring the same benefits to your own home. 

You can even use sensory mats while doing pre-workout stretches and your post-workout cool-down to help prevent injury or to speed up injury recovery time.

Use in communal areas of your home…

An easy way to ensure your feet are getting adequate stimulation time is by placing sensory mats in the communal areas of your home that you walk through or use regularly. Creating a sensory pathway in the hallway or putting 2-4 sensory mats near the bathroom sink will guarantee your feet are continually being stimulated and energised.

It can also add some fun to some otherwise mundane tasks such as brushing your teeth or unloading the dishwasher! Some static techniques that can be used to create foot stimulation and wake up neurological pathways are to march on the spot, shift your weight from one mat to another or apply pressure to the spikes on the mat.  

There are so many ways you can incorporate sensory mats into your day. Explore our range and buy your sensory mat today! Remember to let us know how you use yours!