Happy Feet Play Mats are now endorsed by the Good Toy Guide!

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Happy Feet Play Mats are now endorsed by the Good Toy Guide!

Happy Feet Play Mats are now endorsed by the Good Toy Guide!

We’re starting 2022 off with some exciting news…we’ve been recommended by the Good Toy Guide!

This means our sensory play mats have been tested by children and experts, so you know that they are fun, easy to use, and promote the development and skills.

We’ve been working so hard to bring you play mats that we truly believe in, so we’re incredibly proud to have been recognised by this prestigious, trusted guide.


So what did the experts at the Good Toy Guide have to say about our play mats?

· The sensory play mats stimulate children’s natural curiosity and exploration skills, which is how they learn best about the world around them.

· The vibrant colours and different textures provide lots of sensory stimulation, which help to develop connections in the brain, allowing the growth of skills such as concentration and logical thinking.

· The design of the mats also makes them accessible to children of different ages, as well as those with additional needs. 

· They are ideal for exploring with different parts of the body, for example by crawling over them, exploring them with their mouth, or stepping on with bare feet.

· They can also make a great resource for engaging children to communicate as they enjoy describing the different sensations they can feel, which helps to build their vocabulary too.

A glowing review, we’re sure you’ll agree!

You can see more on the Good Toy Guide website. 

And here are some quotes from the reviewers….

“This product can be used for so many children and is great for children with additional needs.” Teacher

“I love the feel of it. It’s hard and squishy in my toes!” Boy aged 2

What is the Good Toy Guide?

The Good Toy Guide was founded by child development expert Dr Amanda Gummer in 2012. It was created as an independent, expert accreditation service for children’s products, providing a trusted resource for parents and gift givers looking for truly good toys.

The guide is part of Dr Gummer’s Good Play Guide – an organisation which is dedicated to helping children develop skills through play.

How are toys tested by the Good Toy Guide?

Every toy in the Good Toy Guide has been tested by children – after all, they’re the most important ones! While the children play with the toys, they are observed by professionals, who have been trained to carry out research with children in a robust, responsible way. 

Once they’ve been tested by the children (the real experts!), the toys are then put through their paces by the adult experts to ensure they meet the guide’s strict criteria in three areas – Fun, Ease of Use, and Skills Developed.

The toys are given a maximum of five stars in each of the three areas, and those scoring nine or more stars in total are added to the guide. We’re proud to say we were awarded an impressive 14/15! 

Why not give our sensory play mats a try and see for yourself why they earned their place in the Good Toy Guide? Explore our range of sensory mats here.