Festive Gift Guide

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Festive Gift Guide

Festive Gift Guide

After sending out our gift guide last year lots of you got in touch to let us know how helpful it was in deciding what to get. With it being so popular we thought we'd bring it back!

We've decided to do it earlier this year for the more organised amongst you, I wish that was the case for us! 🫣

We split the Festive Gift Guide into 3 parts this year. They were 

Part 1: The best sets to start your little ones BareFoot journey.

Part 2: Big Sets to Maximise Fun & Development

Part 3: The Best Products to Compliment Your Existing Sets

We love keeping it simple we thought we'd put them all together in one blog to save you sifting through your emails. We hope you appreciate the effort because it took ages (not really 😃).


We hope you enjoy.


Part 1.

In Gift Guide Part 1 we will be showing you the best sets to start your little ones BareFoot journey

Best Sets for Ages 1 - 3

All of the sets in this section are made up of 6 Soft Play Mats. This ensures a gentle massage and challenge for crawlers and toddlers starting their BareFoot journey.

Baby Muffik

Baby Muffik is a great set to start, with 6 of our most popular soft play mats and even includes Coast one of our domed mats.

Price £69.95

Baby Pastel

This time in beautiful pastel colours and including our very popular Roots Play Mat.

The pastel colours bring a calmer feel to this set.

Price £69.95

Black & White

Our most requested set to produce. Not only do you have the health and development benefits but the added visual sensory of the contrasting Black, White and Red Play Mats.Visual striking and beautiful designed.

Price £69.95 

Best Sets for Ages 3+

All of the sets in this section are made up of 8-11 Play Mats. Each set has the perfect balance of Soft and Firm Play Mats.

Muffik Rainbow

Needs no introduction. Our best selling 8 mat set ever!

Price £84.95


Muffik Orthopaedic Sensory Play Mat Set

One of our all time best selling sets. A diverse range of surfaces delivering all the health benefits of our sensory play mats in calming natural colours. Always a winner.

Price £79.95

Big & Small

One of my personal favourites. A brilliant set to start your little ones BareFoot Journey with a 50/50 balance of soft and Firm play mats. Includes 4 of our much loved Mini mats for those little toes!

Price £84.95

We know it's a lot but here's the last two. Honest! 😁

Muffik Pink

This is a beautiful set with shades of Pink, Purple and Lilac. Includes 2 of our best selling Twister mats to challenge those little feet. A very popular starter set.

Price £84.95

Muffik Ocean

Blue, Green and Turquoise play mats put together to give you Ocean vibes. Includes 2 Twisters and 4 of our much loved Mini Mats. Versatile and challenging a great set for foot building strength.

Price £84.95


Part 2.

Big Sets to Maximise Fun & Development

Leading on from our Gift Guide Part 1 where we showed you the best sets to start your little ones BareFoot journey we'll be looking at the bigger sets in Part 2 which is all about maximising FUN and Development. For ages 3 and up

Strength & Balance

Exactly what it says on the tin. This set has been put together incorporating 3 domed mats and 2 section of our popular snake to challenge core strength and balance. A great value set with all of the essentials

Price £114.95

Huge 2

One of our best selling sets across the board. It includes 2 x Logs, 2 x Twister, Coast and everybodies favourite Hedgehog. A comprehensive set with lots of combination for building foot and lower limb strength. A very Popular Set and easy to see why.

Price £124.95

Giant Muffik

Boasting 19 play mats in total Giant has cemented its place as a go to set for those wanting maximum health and development benefit. A great set to start and add to as you go. A brilliant all round set and very versatile.

Price £139.95

The Biggest Sets

All of the sets in this section are made up of 8-11 Play Mats. Each set has the perfect balance of Soft and Firm Play Mats.

The Royal Muffik

Muffik Orthopaedic Sensory Play Mat Set

So many mats they don't fit in the picture! 30 in total.

This Royal was created by combining some of our most popular sets into one. This gives you the best of all worlds. This set is the ultimate for physical development, foot and lower limb strength and with the wide variety in colours, textures and patterns it is amazing for sensory seekers and those looking to develop fine motor skills.

Price £219.95

Diamond Muffik

49 mats in total makes Muffik Diamond our biggest set. If you want the ultimate set for maximising fun along with building strength in your littles ones to support their development then look no further. The most comprehensive set with endless combinations!

Price £299.95

Part 3

The Best Products to Compliment Your Existing Sets

Today in Part 3 of our Festive Gift Guide we look at the best products to add to your existing sets.



Time for some imagination. Encourage the idea of feeling like you’re children are on the waves? Or even better, like you’re in a whirlwind? You can connect four twister mats together creating a full tornado.



Rotana brings a completely new dimension to any set. The ability to rotate and twist bring a new element of fun and helps exercise the internal and external rotation of the joints.

A must have addition.



Everyone's favourite Mr Hedgehog will be a much loved addition to any set. He is spiked and firm for a hard massage of the foot to help develop a healthy strong foot arch.



Now you have the perfect way to store your mats conveniently when they're not in use. Not only that it has a padded seat so also doubles up as your little ones stool. Our Large box has been created to help you store your large sets of mats.

Our storage boxes were especially designed for the size of MUFFIK Orthopaedic Sensory play mats.

Starting from £44.95

Magnetic Car Track Set

We would like to introduce a new, long-awaited member of the Muffik family, the Magnetic Car Track.

Build the track according to your own imagination.

There are curves, straight lines and crossroads at your disposal. You can decorate the track with signs or barriers that, thanks to the built-in magnet in them and in the track, will always stay in place.



An addition that will change the game with any set.

Bring new challenges to any set to increase the Health and Development Benefits.

Snake has been designed to be used as a beam. It is perfect for strengthening the core and gaining better balance.

As well as that it is fasntastic for exercising the arch or the strengthening of valgus ankles and knees.


As always if you have any questions about specific needs or any of the sets please don't hesitate to drop us an email


We'd love to hear from you.

Anth & Marketa